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In 2018, the foreign trade turnover of the Arkhangelsk region amounted to 1 billion 494 million US dollars, which is 59% higher than in 2017.

As reported inform agency REGNUM in the Arkhangelsk customs, the basis of the region’s foreign trade is export - more than 90% of the declarations considered by the customs are for exported goods. The share of declarations made for the domestic market is only 6%.

The main export products are paper, carton, sawn timber, cellulose, ships, boats. These are mainly products of the largest industrial enterprises in the region. The structure of imports consists of equipment and mechanical devices, ferrous metals and chemical products.

The turnover of the main customs checkpoint - the seaport of Arkhangelsk - last year grew by 30% and amounted to 2 394 thousand tons. The increase in cargo traffic, as noted in the customs, is associated with the export of coal, petroleum products, scrap metal.

It should add that the main trading partners of the Arkhangelsk region are India, Finland, Germany, Turkey, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and China. Foreign trade relations in the region of customs activity were carried out with 90 far abroad countries and 6 CIS countries.

 As REGNUM reported, exports from Russia are growing, stable and, according to analysts, despite the sanctions of the West, will maintain a positive trend in the coming year.

Source: IA "REGNUM"