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The Chinese government on Wednesday published a strategic program for the development of the country's ports, TASS reported citing Xinhua. According to the publication, the document sets out the main objectives of the program and the timing of its implementation.
By 2025, China wants to achieve a breakthrough in the development of the port network with a focus on the development of environmentally friendly, safe and “smart” technologies in major ports and increasing the scale of operations in regional ports. By 2035, the country's main ports should reach the world level of technology and efficiency, and by 2050, several port clusters with the most advanced level of technology should be formed.
The document defines 19 main objectives of the strategy, including: service development, reduction of carbon energy share in the energy balance, acceleration of smart technologies implementation in logistics and optimization of the business environment.
In order to ensure the implementation of the strategy, the government called on local authorities to include port development projects in the programs of economic and social development of the regions and to strengthen political support for port projects.

According to the official statistics, the cargo turnover of China's ports amounted to 10.3 billion tons in the first three quarters, which is 5.2% more than a year earlier.

Source: official web-site of research agency Infra News
Photo: official web-site of research agency Infra News