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Government Commission on Transport of Russian Federation approved the inclusion of 57 projects in the Comprehensive Plan for the Modernization of the Main Transport Infrastructure, the correspondent of the inform agency PortNews cites Deputy Prime Minister Maksim Akimov as telling journalists after the Commission meeting. According to him, the total cost of the projects, which have passed rating, makes over 3 trillion rubles, thus the volume of co-financing from means of the federal budget makes 500 billion rubles.
Among the approved projects, Maxim Akimov singled out the construction of the bridge over Lena, 3 bridges over Vilyuiskaya road, the bridge on Kolyma, etc.
“All funds are distributed in a Comprehensive plan and we do not see any big risks of disruption of its implementation. Naturally, discussion of any infrastructure projects resulted in a discussion of the model of capacity management on the Russian railways, these are long-distance approaches to seaports, the model of mutual obligations of the investor and the state on the creation of these objects, therefore discussion was hot”, - Maxim Akimov said.
As the press-service of the government of the Russian Federation informs, the head of the Analytical Center Vladislav Onishchenko has informed that from the moment of the approval of the Comprehensive Plan for the Modernization of the Main Transport Infrastructure (CPMI) for the period till 2024 in the autumn of 2018 different initiators have presented to ranking about 400 new actions. The total amount of financing is more than 6,5 trillion rubles, including 3,8 trillion rubles requested from the federal budget. The highest index and the level of readiness confirmed more than 50 projects with a total value of over 1 trillion rubles (including funding from the federal budget in the amount of more than 470 billion rubles). Following the ranking and preliminary approval by the CPMI project committee, new activities were submitted to the Government Commission on Transport of the Russian Federation for review.
It is noted that only the activities fully funded from the budget or extra-budgetary sources should be included in the CPMI. Other projects that have been successfully ranked and previously approved by the project committee, but are not funded, form a “waiting list” and can be included in the CPMI at any time in case of confirmation of funding.
The decision of the Government Commission on Transport of the Russian Federation in the federal project “Russian Seaports” of the CPMI includes three new projects provided by financing (projects are provided with only private investments): “The Construction of the grain terminal in the seaport of Taman”, “Increase in the transshipment capacity of JSC “Daltransugol” up to 40 million tons of coal” and “Construction of the grain terminal «Step’» in the seaport of Azov”. The federal project “Inland Waterways” of the CPMI includes measures to develop and implement a comprehensive project to reconstruct the Volga-Don Canal in the Volgograd region (all these measures are initiated by the Ministry of Transport to replace similar ones in the same basin).

Besides, the Government Commission on Transport of the Russian Federation has approved some tens projects in “waiting list” - the list of projects which are not provided by financing, but are recommended and expect inclusion in federal projects of the CPMI in case of the definition of the additional sources of financing sufficient for their implementation.

Source: information and analytical agency “PortNews”
Photo: official web-site of local information agency “Penzenskoy oblasti”