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On March 6, 2019, the nuclear containership “Sevmorput” of the FSUE “Atomflot” arrived at the port of Arkhangelsk for loading a variety of general cargo owned by LLC Arctic LNG 2. According to the Atomflot press service, the voyage from Murmansk took no more than two days.

In the port of Arkhangelsk, the ship will take on board palletized cargo, containers and equipment. After the completion of loading operations, the nuclear containership “Sevmorput” will proceed to the Morning deposit located on the Gydan peninsula in the Gulf of Ob.

The crew of the nuclear containership “Sevmorput” will provide delivery and unloading of cargo to the shore fast ice. In one voyage ship owned by FSUE “Atomflot” will deliver a cargo of about 17 thousand freight units for the construction of Arctic LNG 2 (transportation of such cargo volume would require three “Pavlin Vinogradov” type vessels (gross tonnage 6.395 tons).

The departure from the port of Arkhangelsk in the direction of the Gydan peninsula is scheduled for mid-March. In April, another flight to the Morning field is scheduled.

 The nuclear containership “Sevmorput” was built in Kerch at the shipyard “Zaliv”, laid down on November 2, 1984, launched on February 20, 1986, put into operation on December 31, 1988.

 The main characteristics of the “Sevmorput” nuclear containership:
• nuclear power plant capacity: 29 MW (40,000 HP),
• maximum length - 260.23 m, maximum width - 32.20 m,
• summer draft – 61.880 tons,
• deadweight vessels with summer draft – 33.980 tons,
• capable of transporting: ISO 20 containers - 1320 pcs., ISO 40 containers - 428 pcs.