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In the port of Arkhangelsk the cargo ship “FRISIAN SPRING” loaded 5,571 tons of wood pellets produced at the Pinezhsky timber industry enterprise and went to the port of the Belgian city of Ostend. The ship will arrive in Europe at the end of this week.

To load into the hold of the vessel more than five thousand tons of pellets, Pinezhsky LPK took 3 days. The shipment was made from special soft containers, which were delivered in advance to the pier, where the vessel was moored, directly from the pellet plant.

The next ship for a new batch of fuel pellets will arrive in about a month.

Source: ULK

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Pinezhsky timber industry enterprise is part of the ULK Group that is holding a leading position in the volume of wood processing in the Arkhangelsk Region and the largest in Russia in terms of harvesting and production of sawn timber. The structure of the holding includes 1 timber company, which includes 4 forest enterprises, with a planned logging volume of 6 million cubic meters and 4 companies in the field of wood processing with a total production of 2.5 million cubic meters per year with the prospect of increasing to 4 million cubic meters annually.