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Russian Federation Government says it has approved the new version of Strategy for Development of Maritime Activities in Russia till 2030.

The new version of Strategy takes into consideration current political and economic situation in the country and in the world when defining the priorities, goals and targets of Russia’s maritime activities for a long-term period, updates the projected results of its Phase II and sets projected results of its Phase III (the previous version of the Strategy just described the development trends).

The Strategy for Development of Maritime Activities in Russia till 2030 was initially approved by the Decree of Russian Federation Government dated 8 December 2010 (№ 2205-р). Following the approval of the Maritime Doctrine of the Russian Federation by Russian President on 17 July 2015, it was decided to revise the Strategy.

According to the statement, achievement of the goals and targets set forth by the new Strategy by 2030 will strengthen Russia’s position among the leading maritime powers and ensure sustainable development of key maritime activities.

The document is available in Russian at the website of information and analytical agency PortNews >>>>

Source: information and analytical agency “PortNews”

Photo: publishing house “Komsomolskaya pravda”