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At an investment forum in Sochi on February 14, representatives of the Arkhangelsk Region, the Komi Republic, Gazprombank and OJSC Interregional Company “Belkomur” concluded an agreement on cooperation in the construction of a railway connecting the Ural and the ports of the White Sea. The bank will assist in the formation of a syndicated loan.

The Belkomur project will consist of two railway sections: the northern (the Arkhangelsk region - the Komi Republic) and the southern (Syktyvkar-Solikamsk (the Perm region)).

As Vladimir Schelokov, the CEO of JSC the Interregional Company “Belkomur”, told, now the construction of the northern section of the highway is more priority than the southern one. The fact is that the northern route is a practically independent project with a fairly large and understandable cargo base, which is being formed thanks to the project of the Northern Latitudinal Railway and the cargo that will go from that direction.

“The bank acts as an expert platform and assists in the formation of a syndicated loan. The number of loans to the northern part of the project will be more than 70 billion rubles. Part of the money is Gazprombank's own funds, and part is borrowed from other banks,” said Vladimir Schelokov.

About which banks will also participate in the project will be known on the basis of future negotiations. According to the estimates of the CEO of the “Belkomur”, Gazprombank has experience in the implementation of infrastructure projects. That is why the company representatives chose it based on its experience in implementing such projects in Russia, as well as taking into account that it is a bank with state participation.

According to the head of the Komi Republic, Sergei Gaplikov, in the future, the Belkomur project will provide transcontinental communication between the northern ports and the ports of the Pacific Ocean and will allow access to world markets in the west and east.

As previously was written, the “Belkomur” is already included in the Strategy for the Development of Railway Transport of the Russian Federation until 2030, in the Transport Strategy of the Russian Federation until 2030, and in the Territorial Planning Scheme of the Russian Federation. Taking into account these documents, the perspective cargo base of the railway is updated.

A railway with a length of more than 1.1 thousand km (of which 712 km must be built, the rest of the way should be reconstructed) will form a new international and interregional transport corridor and will increase transport accessibility and infrastructure support of the North-West regions and the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation.

“The cargo base, which is calculated by the Institute of Economy and Transport Development, is 28 million tons, of which 8 million is a local work. In the Republic of Komi and the Arkhangelsk Region, the volume of timber cargo is high because they are not involved in the national economy,” said Vladimir Schelokov.

According to the CEO of the Belkomur, this is due to the fact that the lack of logistics greatly affects the development of forest resources. According to the estimates of the governments of the Arkhangelsk Region and the Komi Republic, the total volume is about 7 million tons of cargo, which is planned to be developed as part of the infrastructure project.

Source: publishing house "Gudok"