/ The Deepwater area project

The Deepwater area of the port of Arkhangelsk project

Project brief



The port is located 52 km to the North from Arkhangelsk in the water area of Dvinsky Bay in the territory of Primorsky municipal district of the Arkhangelsk region.

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Technical characteristics


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Terminal capacity, 37,9 mln t

Water part:

  • Approach canal length: 9.98 km;

  • Approach channel and water area max depth of: 16.4 m;

  • Max allowable draught: 14.5 m;

  • Maximum deadweight: 74 500 ton.

Access Infrastructure:
  • Railway, 70 km length;

  • Road, 50 km length.

Sources of cargo base

  • Traditional routes and reorientation of cargo from the Baltic States and Ukraine that do not depend on other infrastructure projects: from 13.8 to 27.2 mln tons annually;
  • Due to the implementation of rail-related projects:
    • Potash fertilizers on ‘Belkomur’ railway (an increase from 4.3 to 9 mln tons annually);
    • Hydrocarbons at Northern Latitudinal Railway (an increase from 7.3 to 9.5 mln tons annually).

Main regions of cargo base sources

Main regions of cargo base sources.png

The Project execution stages

2018-2023: design, construction, launching;
2026-2028: port infrastructure extension and reaching projected capacity.