/ Transport accessibility

Transport accessibility

Railway approach

Delivering cargo in the direction to / from the port of Arkhangelsk is currently carried out via the Northern railway on which there are stations: (1) “Bakaritsa”, (2) “Arkhangelsk-1127”, (3) “Arkhangelsk-Gorod”, (4) “Solombalka”, (5) “Zharovikha”.

These stations form crossrail stations of the Arkhangelsk transport hub and provide access to the following terminals of the port:  


Station “Bakaritsa”

Terminal “Left bank”

Operating by ‘Arkhangelsk cabotage terminal’, LLC


Station “Bakaritsa”

Terminal “Bakaritsa”

Operating by ‘Arkhangelsk sea commercial port’ JSC (‘ASCP’, JSC)   


Station “Arkhangelsk-1127”

Terminal “Solombalka”

Operating by ‘Arktik-Consulting-Service’, CJSC (‘ACS’, CJSC)


Station “Arkhangelsk-1127”

“Arkhangelsk oil terminal’

Operating by ‘RN-Arhangelsknefteprodukt’, LLC


Station “Solombalka”

Terminal “Ekonomiya”

Operating by ‘Arkhangelsk sea commercial port’ JSC (‘ASCP’, JSC)


Station “Zharovikha”

Terminal “Zharovikha”


Terminal “The second cargo disrict” 

Operating by ‘Arkhangelsk river port’, JSC (‘Arkhrechport’, JSC)

Currently, the reserve train-handling capacity of the area of the Northern railway at the approach to the Arkhangelsk transport hub is about 10 million tons annually.

Roads approach

The Federal highway M8 provides transport links to marine terminals of the port of Arkhangelsk.

Currently, it has a reserve traffic capacity to increase freight traffic.

Railway and road approaches map